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Our Industrial Engineers serves clients throughout Miami,  Florida areas. Our manufacturing engineers are dedicated to helping you fight  problems at: quality, production, efficiency, Lay-out, Line balance, capacity studies, people management, etc.


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 Industrial engineering 

Do you know what Industrial
Engineering is?
of the branches of engineering,
and deals with the optimization
and informational resources, as
of the use of human, technical
management of the transformation
well as the optimal management and
systems of goods and services,
wealth, knowledge, information,
evaluation of integrated systems
applied in fields of personnel,
with high regard for the environment.
equipment, energy, materials and processes, in order to obtain
high quality products or useful
services that satisfy society and
results obtained from such systems.
It uses the principles, methods of
analysis, synthesis of engineering
predict and improve the
and design to specify, evaluate,
improve systems.
Uses knowledge and methods of other
sciences and techniques to
determine, design, specify, analyze,
implement and continuously


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